Mental Health Counseling in Charlotte, North Carolina

Are you in need of mental health counseling?

Seeking mental health counseling in Charlotte, North Carolina or need help for anxiety, depression, stress management, life transitions, grief, and trauma is normal. You are not a problem because you are currently battling things right now in your life that feel overwhelming. At Relationship Counseling Group we have mental health counselors who can help you navigate through the storms of your current thoughts, feelings, and emotions to make sense of it all. Rather you are suffering from a mental health diagnosis such as a mood disorder, need help fighting an addiction or substance abuse, or you are seeking help with your relationship our mental health counselors can help you.

Are you feeling…?

  • Anxious or suffer from anxiety?
  • Sad or depressed?
  • Hopeless and question if life is worth continuing?
  • Lonely and as if no one is available to listen?
  • Stress and overwhelmed with life, work, family, kids, or a business?
  • Tired and stuck in an unescapable funk?

If any of these feelings are what you are currently experiencing than let us help you from hurting and start healing today by scheduling your therapy appointment with one of our amazing counselors. Fill out the form below to start your journey toward feeling better.