Heart to Heart (H2H) Marriage Retreat by Chris A Matthews LMFT


Heart 2 Heart (H2H) is a one-day marriage counseling retreat in Charlotte for civil and/or union married couples who desire to maintain a strong bond and lifelong connection. Most married couples have heard the phrase “marriage takes work,” but very few are provided a clear definition for what that work looks like. The work is defined as, “the effort both partners put forth to stay connected and prevent coming apart”. Just like an astronaut works against the lack of gravity to stay tethered to something in order to prevent flying off into space, you and your spouse have to learn how to manage the “life gravity” of work and family obligations, finding time to selfcare, and responding to life adversities, which are constantly always working to pull you two apart. In my daily work as an award-winning marriage and family therapist and relationship coach, I hear couples enter my office saying they “just grew apart,” or that the spark went out. These phrases represent the absence of the work required to sustain a strong marital connection with your spouse. The H2H marriage counseling retreat in Charlotte will provide you and your partner the time and space to identify your specific relationship needs, wants, and expectations, so you both can do the work required to sustain a strong marital connection.

Retreat Benefits:

  • Receive seven hours of professional marriage group coaching from an award-winning marriage and family therapist and relationship expert
  • Learn how to communicate your individual needs and wants within the areas of sex and intimacy, quality time, emotional support, and overall security, so you both stay connected and grow closer as marital partners
  • Learn how to develop a fail proof marriage that will last a lifetime by ensuring you and your partner feel safe, heard, understood, and loved everyday
  • Gain access to relationship tools designed to make doing your marriage work fun and easy
  • Meet and mingle with other likeminded couples who believe in the value of a strong family and marriage