You are a queen that deserves love, safety, respect and happiness. As a survivor of a prior domestic abusive toxic relationship, I know what it is like to love someone who causes you pain. After completing my own individual mental health counseling over 15 years ago, I was then able to learn how to fall back in love with myself. Shortly after this process I then found my true love and we have been happily married for the past thirteen years. Counseling gave me the space to heal and rebuild my life so I could attract the right man who loves me just the way I am. As a license mental health counselor who holds a master’s degree in counseling, it is my life calling and passion to help women just like you who may be seeking a change, a better life, a better relationship, and a better self. Fill out the therapy request form and complete the toxic relationship quiz so we can get started with developing your personalized plan for healing and set you toward your destiny of happiness.