Treating Functional Alcohol and Drug Abusers in Marriage Counseling

Not all substance use solicits aggressive responses and some couples bring concerns into therapy pertaining to how their partners consumption of alcohol or drugs makes them distant.  People use drugs to feel what they desire, and that could be the craving for more energy, to calm down, or to have a [...]

How Marriage Counseling Helps Couples Turn their Arguments into Persuasive Conversations

Each intimate partner’s unique worldview is shaped by their past and current life experiences.  In an attempt to convince their spouse to see the world through their own individual lens, couples will engage in arguments. Arguments are healthy exchanges of thoughts and ideas that are driven by each partner’s level of [...]

Treating Infidelity, Cheating, and Affairs in Couples Counseling

Infidelity is defined as any action that threatens or breaches the intimate relationship contract in regard to how both partners choose to conduct themselves around other people outside of the intimate relationship.  The problem I witness from the lens of a therapist, is that the majority of couples entering counseling have [...]