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Welcome to Relationship Counseling Group, LLC, located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  All of our marriage counselors and relationship therapists have specialized training in treating couples, families, and individuals through the lens of a systemic approach.  We believe that the sum of the family or relationship system is greater than one single part; and in order to obtain sustainable changes, therapy has to address everyone involved.  Our primary services are couple, family, and individual therapy.

Clients most commonly seek our help to treat concerns that stem from infidelity, communication issues, substance abuse, blended family and parenting concerns, commitment and relationship developmental issues, grief and loss, mental health disorders, and phase of life transitions.  Our Charlotte, NC marriage counseling and relationship therapists work to ensure each client in the room feels safe, heard, understood and cared for during the entire therapeutic process.

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Couples Therapy– is a method of treatment designed to assist intimate partners with improving their overall relationship satisfaction.
Family Therapy – is a strategic process that provides each member of the family system with the necessary space for their voice to be heard.
Individual Therapy- is basic therapeutic regiment that helps a single person with processing their own mental health, family of origin, trauma, grief, career, and life transitions.


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